Who could you least afford to lose in the next 90 day?

A client just told me I saved her company $65,000 by helping her retain two key employees.

My client didn’t know she was about to lose $65,000. She didn’t know those employees were at risk. It was going to be a surprise.

I showed my client how to hang on to the people she most needs on her team* — not grudgingly, not because she finds out they’re unhappy and offers to pay them more, not with empty promises about change in the pipeline…

The employees she was in danger of losing decided to stick around — aligned, engaged, shoulder-to-the-wheel — because their boss, my client, demonstrated that she is listening to them in a new way — a way that’s uncomplicated, consistent, sustainable, and non-manipulative … respectful even.

Whose departure would give you the most heartburn? How would their exit impact your work? How would you replace them? What would that cost in money, time, and culture? 

Done right, there’s nothing like one-on-one contact between managers and direct reports. Done right, an employee-focused monthly check-in can provide insights about the state of your business that you won’t get any other way. And, just as important, it will give your employee what she needs to be measurably more effective. 

 Of course, the problem is — and I know you can see this coming — almost nobody has figured out how to do it right.

Most employer/employee one-on-ones are a joke … if not an ordeal … if not an insult.

I developed the 3Q Check-In System because, working in a corporate setting, I felt frustrated and angry when I saw good people walk out the door because no one asked them 3 simple questions:

How are you?   How are we?   How can I help?

That doesn’t seem so hard, does it? But it is. Because, if the majority of us in business leadership and management know one thing with certainty, its’s that soft skills are wicked hard.

That’s why I worked the problem … developing, testing and refining the 3Q Check-In System to make it elegant enough for anyone to learn, implement, and sustain.



September is a great time to push the restart button.

There’s a cultural rhythm to September … people are back from vacation, the school year is underway, days shorten, the weather begins to cool, businesses prep for year’s end. 

This September, instead of inspirational posters or pro forma culture + climate initiatives, start fresh with your most valuable employees by engaging them in a process that proves you care — bring the 3Q Check-In System to your business.

What it looks like: A 3Q Check-In is a monthly one-on-one between a manager and employee that runs for 30 minutes, max. 

The Check-In is scripted and easy to follow. No intuition or mind-reading necessary.

Total Time? If 3Q Leaders check-in with five employees each month they will end up spending 3 hours a month — MAX. That’s an average of 45 minutes a week, less than 1% of their total schedule, including their monthly call with a 3Q Coach who will review their notes and help them think about how to improve their connections with employees.

The Offer: A proven one-on-one check-in system for up to five leaders & 25 employees.

Now you can try 3Q for less than the cost of a rounding error. This special offer covers the licensing of 3Q materials, online support, and monthly one-on-one coaching for up to five managers in your company.  Each manager will lead 1-5 employee 3Qs. 

The Cost: $499 (oops!) I mean $250 a month for three months.

After three months, you can subscribe for a full year at a rate available only to those who complete this introductory offer.

Why? Because Soft Skills Are Hard! There's nothing else like 3Q. You need to experience it. Once you do, you won't want to stop.

 Clients share why they use 3Q

Here's How: Contact me at jimhenderson@3QCheckIn.com or call me direct at 206 383 9078 

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